Honestly, I love doing wishlists! ..and also looking at others wishlists, I always find new brands, new styles etc. and I hope you like them as well. As you already know, I love minimalist casual style and these thing are super basic and so easy to style. I don’t mind paying more for such a staple peaces because I know I always get the wear out of it and they usually stick at my closet for a really long time. These are my top favourites! And let me know what is on your wishlist?

Nice start of the week! I am feeling kinda weird and sick (hope it will get better soon!) and what I do on these days? Obviously browsing the internet looking at beautiful places, cafes, sea etc. It always makes me feel more positive and also want me go places! I hope you all are doing great, enjoying life and let me know where and how are you spending the holidays?

Nice weekend to you all! This was my yesterday’s outfit when me and Eliza went for a coffee, which escalated into lemonade, ice cream and Hero sandwich ..obviously no coffee haha. The weather is so crazy, so hot. Can’t wait to go back home to my parents and spend all the time by the pool. Back to the outfit, super comfy and I was not that hot honestly. The pants are from such a thin material and obviously my favorite Adidas slides, I wear them everyday lol. What is your “hot weather uniform”?

It’s all about the shimmers! It’s summer and I just love that natural glowy look and here I am sharing with you my favorite makeup products at the moment. I like my skin to feel fresh but also protected from the sun and for this the Clinique CC Cream fulfil my needs. It’s very light on the skin and it doesn’t feel caky or anything, just like a moisturiser plus has 30 SPF. Next must have thing for me is the Nars contour palette. It has everything I need and the shades are just beautiful. I love bronzer during summer! To give my skin the glowy look I use Gosh Lumi Drops, this is my favorite of all the favorites haha. It’s not too shimmery, it’s easy to apply and I love to wear it sometimes just on my skin without any makeup. Eye wise I either go with only mascara, personally love this waterproof one from Makeup Forever, or I add more shimmer with these gel eyeshadows from Max factor. Then eyebrows, I always fill them up and this brow pencil from NYX has perfect shade and is so easy to apply. Lastly on the lips..guess what? More shimmer! Love this Marc Jacobs lipgloss, so shiny, so pretty! What are your’s favorite makeup products for summer?

What’s the best color to wear on extremely hot and sunny day? Black! Haha this is from the day when me and Eliza decided to go to Apetit Festival. We started with the best breakfast at Coffee Room (Yes, we had to eat something before going to festival full of food..logic) and then went there, it was super chilled but the weather? It was so hot and all we did was trying to find the biggest shadow to sit in. Also we didn’t really eat, I mean who wants to eat in this kind of weather, right? I hope they are gonna do it again soon because the food looked super tasty!

Summer is officially here! And as I mentioned in the previous post I will do some kind of “Hot for this Summer” series and I am starting with swimsuits. They finally arrived in stores and these are the top pieces I personally love. I am into one piece and honestly I am not in the mood for two piece bikini haha. One piece is so old school, retro etc. love that vibe! I am gonna start from left..Tropical print, so cool and I love palm trees and banana leafs the most also this swimsuit hate very nice cut outs (Kendall&Kylie for Topshop). Ice cream, anyone? Haha this is so funny I had to buy it (H&M). The next one is funny as well playing with the old school Bay Watch swimsuit but using Bae instead of bay. The last one is so pretty! Very low cutouts, so sexy! What are yours favourites? Are you into one piece or two piece?

Another outfit with a dress? I told you! It’s so easy to put them on, again with a pair of sneakers. To be honest a lot of people gave me weird looks even my family asked me why do I wear sneakers with this type of dress haha. I love the combination of feminine and sporty. Also this oversized denim jacket does pretty great job. It’s my hot piece for summer, I get always cold when the wind blows and it’s perfect for those summer evenings. I am planning on doing some type of “hot for summer” posts on this blog, would you be interested?

Nice weekend to you all! I haven’t done any inspiration type of post in a while so I decided to show you what I am into in the moment! When I collected all the photos I realised those are pretty much the same as what I liked back when I was young teen haha. Women crushes, Rihanna (she’s the bomb!), Selena is absolutely beautiful, love her body and casual style, also my all time favorite Alexa (she’s incredible, funny and so stylish!) and last but not least Alysha Nett, this girl coverd in tattoos beautiful and sexy. Drink wise, iced coffee obviously..and iced tea, my favorite drink over all. Fashion wise, silk, spaghetti straps, no bras and chokers. Let me know your current inspirations and favourites!

Good morning! (or whenever you’re reading this lol) I have to say I’m into dresses right now. It was always pants and shorts but I feel like wearing dresses is way more comfortable. Obviously I’m not a girly girl and I combine everything with sporty style. Although this outfit is still pretty dressed up. I wore this to the park where we just hanged out with girls and had fun. I am so excited for summer holidays when I don’t have to think about school and have more time to do things I always wanted. Have a nice rest of the day and talk to you soon!

Beauty post is here! I’ve been trying out new cosmetics and I want to share it with you. As you probably know I love to show some new products, nothing mainstream but amazing! I came a cross this beauty brand like 2 months ago and had the opportunity to try out some products. I didn’t even have to write a post about but I believe it’s worth sharing! I am talking about Aurelia Probiotic Skincare, which is BIO organic beauty brand. All their products are natural and smell sooo nice! Here is how I use the products.

I’m back!! All done with my final exams and ready to come back to my blogger world. I hope you all doing great! To be honest I need more sleep, I haven’t slept properly in like a month and I still keep myself busy with work so this t-shirt is just perfect haha. About the outfit it was shot like two weeks ago but I had no time to actually edit the photos and write a blog post (and when I had time I didn’t want to see my computer lol). But don’t worry I’m in my full strength and ready to keep posting three times a week, like I used to. I have two more posts ready for you so get tuned! And to those who still fight the finals, good luck!!

Nice start of the week to you all! Do you also love the feeling of wandering around and not have to rush from one place to another? To be honest in the last month I was always rushing, to school, work or to a meeting..I didn’t have time to walk there so I had to go by tram or uber to make it on time and I am so sick of it right now haha. Finally I have slightly more time and I can just switch off my brain for few hours and walk around hidden streets in Prague, I love this! Discovering new cafes or small shops. Do you love those walks without destinations as well?

Hello everyone! Do you ever have anything planned and then it just doesn’t work out? This is what is happening to me with blog posts..I plan the text and have photos ready but then I don’t get the time to actually put everything together and publish it. So sorry this is little bit later. You could have seen and outfit post where my hair was super long (here), and here is why! I received a package from Irresistible Me with hair extensions. I love long hair but overtime my own hair get slightly longer I feel like I need to cut them, so I guess I will never have super long natural hair..so thank got for hair extensions. I was little bit worried about the color I was scared it’s not gonna match my natural hair, but fortunately it’s exactly the same! Also I like the how everything came, nicely packaged and hair seemed to be nice quality as well. Does any of you wear hair extensions or would like to?

Hello everyone! Here is outfit post after some time..I am pretty busy this month because of school and final, but I will try my best to keep posting as much as I can. Btw I just wanted say that this weather is perfect for jeans, sneakers and biker jacket. Like this outfit, which is more on the tomboyish side. I always like to dress this way and I feel most comfortable in it.
Have a nice rest of the week!

Nice Wednesday to you all! I was planning on posting an outfit, but these watches came just yesterday and I have to share them with you! I was looking for a new watch, I wanted something simple with clean design but still something different and Nicole Vienna (link) matches my needs. The design is based on Scandinavian style, which I am huge fan of and the quality is really great! Plus they have 3 metal combinations – gold, black, and silver..I feel like I need them all haha.

Nice Friday to you all! These are the last photos I had ready for blog, which means I need to get better soon to make more content for blog (first world problems huh?). Anyways, it feels pretty good to stay in bed while it’s snowing..I seriously don’t get this weather. I hope it’s gonna get summery soon so I can wear outfits like this one. Here you can see first two things I got in the US, first is top from Kendall&Kylie, it’s so comfortable and I love it so much! And second are pants from Brandy Melville, finally boyfriend/mom jeans which fit perfectly. The rest is my classic, sneakers, leather jacket and sunnies. Nice weekend to you all!

Hello everyone! As I said before, I am sick and all I do is laying in bed and drinking loads of tea. I had finally some decent time to look at e-mails (I feel so important overtime I say something like that haha) and also look on Pinterest, that might sound weird, but I love inspiration and just collecting images. So here is little post based on that. After I created this collage I realised it’s pretty much about denim, which I didn’t thought was that obsessed with. Let me know what is the main inspo for you!
Nice day to you all!

Nice Sunday to you all! I hope you’re feeling great! I am sick and still have plenty of stuff to do…At least I have some time to write you post from our last days in Florida. It was finally more active, we went to the Florida Aquarium, which was really nice and big enough to stay there whole morning. Later we just walked around Tampa and decided to visit Salvador Dali’s Museum. It was soooooo nice! I could be there way longer then we were. The gallery itself was beautiful, which you can see on one of the photos. And obviously I had to have a burger for my last dinner haha. Last day was full of long flights and waitings on the airport, we arrived absolutely tired. It’s nice to be home, but I miss the weather..

I had such a busy day today! After two weeks of relax a had to go back to cruel reality of me needing day to be at least 40 hours long..but you know what? I love it, it gives me so much energy and I feel more creative then before. Right know I am also finalizing stuff for my final show at school and I might share it with you (would you be interested?).
About the outfit, very simple t-shirt dress with fun text, sneakers and my favorite backpack which I wear all the time, it fits everything I need and the bright color really pops up. I am getting into wearing colors (little bit…once in a while haha) I do even like some colourful stuff more than black..it must be the weather!
Talk to you soon, V

First of all..I would like to apologize for not being very active here. The internet was so bad that I was not even able to write a post and save it..
Right now I am back home ( with a good wifi haha) and creating this post. I miss it already, but I need to get back to reality, finish a lot of school stuff and work.
Between the day 6 and 10 not that much happened, my dad went to New York and me and mom stayed by the pool and just relaxed. After few days, when dad came back we drove to the beach and enjoyed the softest sand! Hope you like this type of random posts because there is one coming (Also one outfit post!).
Have a nice day all!